24. Juni 2024

Footvolley with a star cast in Nice!

On the weekend of 2 and 3 July, 8 teams from 5 nations met on the beach of Nice.
In the group, the two German players Nils Keller and Alex Krüger met the teams France 2, Spain 1 and Portugal 1. After a defeat against the French team, there was an intense exchange of blows against the Spanish. Despite a long lead and several match points on the part of the German team, the match ended with another defeat in the killer point 20:21. With this, the chances of advancing were lost. However, the event was far from over. After the group phase, there were some star games with well-known, partly former, footballers. Among them were, for example, the ex-Bayern professional Dante and the French record goalkeeper and world champion Hugo Lloris. France’s national coach Didier Dechamps was also present.
After a commanding performance in the semi-finals, the Portuguese team also managed to beat France 1 in the final and thus won the first Landrover Nations Cup in Nice.