24. Juni 2024

Germany with great games but without rewarding themselves.

Footvolley spectacle on the Gmünd marketplace was announced before the tournament and this promise was kept! The 16 men’s and 6 women’s teams showed footvolley at the highest European level.

In the women’s field, our team Krauss/Storzum showed in close matches against Spain, Holland and Israel that Germany can compete very well in the international women’s field. After playing an amazing tournament, Austria won the final and took the title home well deserved.

In the men’s field Didi/Mitch and Joel/Luki represented black-red-gold. Both teams made it to the quarterfinals, where the teams from Israel were waiting. After close games, both German teams were eliminated here. However, it must be clearly emphasized that such encounters at eye level seemed unthinkable 1-2 years ago. Overall, the level of the German top teams and European footvolley has developed strongly. This was especially evident in the final between Israel and Italy. Over three sets the teams „fought“ each other with everything they had. Israel won the third set 15:13 and won the title like last year. Congratulations!

For those interested, it is worth watching the match in re-live: https://vimeo.com/737184230

Thanks to our sponsor Grenade for the support!